About Us

IMG_20150113_091702145_HDRJWC Coffee Merchants was founded by Justin Will and Elise Willer as a socially-minded, inspiration machine. The mission was surprisingly simple, “make the world a better place, and have fun doing it”.

For us, for coffee, and for our mission statement, this means:

We intend to leverage the increasing value and sophistication of specialty coffee to enable professional coffee farmers, small business roasters, and conscientious consumers.


The real fun began on a trip to Guatemala in early 2015, where Elise and Justin were captivated by life on a coffee farm, and have vowed to make the connection from farm-to-cup an essential piece of this coffee enterprise. They worked side-by-side with the locals, peeling, sorting, drying and sifting through all those beautiful, organic, red coffee beans. And they’ll never forget it!

After Guatemala, Justin completed a master’s program in Italy where he studied the Science and Economics of COFFEE, and learned everything you could ever want or need to know about the industry.

Elise has backgrounds in conflict resolution and sustainable development, both of which are essential in the future of internationally interlinked industries like coffee.

Together, Elise and Justin form a well-informed, and well-intentioned, coffee sourcing and consulting business that aims to serve both ends of the supply chain.

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Coffee Hands

JWC Coffee Merchants will enable community-building with a supply chain model that is both profitable and sustainable, from origin to cup.