Farmers and Origins

Available Origins:

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Tsongo Kaseraka

“Ets. TSONGO KASEREKA is a private family run company based in Butembo, Nord – Kivu Province, in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. We also operate in the Western part of the country from the capital city Kinshasa and transport our products from the province of Equateur via the ports of Boma and Matadi.

Since 1978, we have been proud to serve our nation and our international partners by supplying the best Green Coffee Beans from different DRC terroirs.”

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Finca Sacramento

“Finca Sacramento is located in Santa María Ixhuatán Santa Rosa, in the Nuevo Oriente region of Guatemala. On the farm you’ll find coffee varieties like Catuaí, Catuaí yellow and Bourbon. The farmer, Luis Rodríguez, began work on this plantation in 1990, and without a single bit of experience in coffee, harvested 300 quintales in his very first year. After much time, effort and dedication, he has succeeded in improving his production process, and his coffee’s quality. Finca Sacramento employs approximately 70 families from the neighborhood throughout the year, and come harvest time, that number increases to 250 families!  The farm is very concerned with conserving the environment, and has 30 hectares of forest set aside as a nature preserve. Furthermore, the forest lands help preserve the natural springs. For these reasons, the Finca Sacramentro has earned certifications from Rain Forest Alliance and C.A.F.E. Practices.”

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“La Cooperativa Cafetalera Ecológica La Labor (COCAFELOL) was founded in 1999 in the heart of Ocotepeque on the edge of the biological reserve El Guisayote. 304 producers are certified under the Fair trade, Organic, and UTZ programs. COCAFELOL produces their own organic fertilizer using all the by-products obtained during wet milling. They have a composting system onsite, and a biodigestor. COCAFELOL projects provide school supplies to more than 3,500 children, and they have paid for health screenings for over 200 women. Additionally, COCAFELOL sponsors dental brigades and has provided over 800 dental kits to local schools.”

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Hacienda Paraiso Entrance

La Hacienda Paraiso

“Hacienda Paraiso was founded in the late 19th century by the Rourk-Richardson family, a first generation couple of Irish and English immigrants. At present time, the property is managed by a descendant of this family, Mr. Alex Ross. The main house, also known as Casa Hacienda, is over 100 years old and is made of locally sourced stones with English Country style architecture.

Our mission is to preserve the eco-system and environment of the farm, to maintain our tropical forest, flora, fauna, natural water springs and creeks as well as the social welfare of our workers and their families. Our partner, Mr. Bradshaw Lotspeich is in charge of Casa Jay, a non-profit organization formed to assist children in the nearby community of Matagalpa by providing food, education and housing.”

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Finca Tasta

“Finca Tasta is situated in the central jungles of Peru at an altitude of 1400m, where there is an ideal climate for coffee. The land is well-irrigated by streams, and of course, lots of jungle rain.

TASTA offers an excellent coffee with quality scores well above 85, because as producers, we pride ourselves on ensuring that level of quality from field to cup, including every step of processing on the way. 

We thoroughly enjoy what we do, which includes tasting the rich flavors of the Tasta Coffees in every sip. Look out for carmalized orange peels, mild chocolates, and fine flowers that will take your senses on a memorable journey.”

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