Founder Bios

Inaugurazione Master in coffee economic and science - Ernesto Illy Inaugurazione Master in coffee economic and science - Ernesto Illy

Justin Will

. . : :  Coffee, Marketing, Logistics, and Spreadsheets  : : . .

Elise Willer

. . : :  Sustainability, Conflict, People and Linguistics  : : . .

Justin has backgrounds in business management, logistics and design, and completed a master’s degree in Coffee Science and Economics. He is a US Navy veteran that has spent most of his time since leaving active duty traveling and doing freelance web design and writing. His personal site is here, so feel free to get know him more through his hobbies. Elise has backgrounds in sustainable development, international relations and conflict mediation. She completed two masters degrees at Brandeis University in the subjects, and has worked and lived on 4 continents. She is highly adaptive to new and uncommon situations, and is a passionate advocate for a brighter, safer and more advanced future. She also runs her own conflict firm at

Personal Motto: Get busy building your dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs. Personal Motto:  “Soft on people, hard on problems”

Why Coffee?: Coffee is an industry that connects the developed and developing countries and all of the people in them. Coffee transcends both socio-economic class and generations. It is simultaneously an avenue for tradition and innovation. It is an essential derivative of nature.

Can you imagine a world without coffee – because I can’t.

Why Coffee?: Coffee farming is the scene for many conflict situations. Whether it is conflict between rival factions, humans and the environment, or simply the economic realities of life on earth, there is potential for great and sustainable development. Conflict is a process for growth and discovery, and it is in these situations that we become witness to the beautiful complexity of what it is to be human.