Our goal is to help the farmers in our network sell their coffees directly to American roasters and coffee shops, while also helping them develop their farming operations. Our platform is founded on the principles of mutual development, community collaboration, and all three pillars of sustainability (social, environmental, and economic).


Social Environmental Economic
Social sustainability is the ability of society, or any social system, to persistently achieve a good social well being. Achieving social sustainability ensures that the social well being of a country, an organisation, or a community can be maintained in the long term. Environmental sustainability means that we are living within the means of our natural resources. To live in true environmental sustainability we need to ensure that we are consuming our natural resources, such as materials, energy fuels, land, water…etc, at a sustainable rate. Economic sustainability requires that a business uses its resources efficiently and responsibly so that it can operate in a sustainable manner to consistently produce an operational profit. Without an operational profit a business cannot sustain it’s activities.


Moreover, we view our mission as inherently different from the world of coffee certifications like fair-trade because the fundamental objective for us isn’t to market farmers that have already achieved a set of standards, but to empower those farmers that want to meet them, and haven’t done so yet. We are not only an information intermediary, we are an enabler for innovation. Collaboration is a tool for mutual development, as well as the rising tide that lifts all ships.