Wholesale Dried Cascara

Dried, all-natural and organic coffee cherries. Request Sample

Nicaragua, Pacamara


“Café Vidita has a truly inspiring story that portrays their passion for coffee unlike any other. Rina’s father, Jose Rene Paguaga, started his own farm as a teen, growing and expanding until the civil war reached Nicaragua in 1979 and forced him to move his family to Honduras. The Paguagas lost their Nicaraguan farms, but by the time Jose was in his 70s, they were back in Nicaragua on new operations- starting from scratch.

Today, three generations of Paguagas are involved in the production of this excellent coffee. Finca Los Congos consistently receives recognition for outstanding quality coffee by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, placing in the top ten of the Cup of Excellence competition multiple years. This farm is located in the San Fernando mountains of the Nueva Segovia region, where much of the mountainous terrain has been left undisturbed.”

Panama, Geisha

Uncertified organic

Longboard Specialty Coffee is a micro-producer of ultra-specialty coffee with farms in Boquete, Panama. We are dedicated to bringing the finest in hand made artisan coffee direct from our farms to the discerning palates of our customers around the world. Over the years we have developed our own unique approach to growing and processing coffee, with a focus on producing the finest cup while employing a hands-on, un-mechanized, chemical free process.

“At Longboard, nature rules. Everything is done by hand. All of our lots are dried by the sun. Our farms are managed free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. The result: superior representation of the unique, natural characteristics of the varietals planted into the diverse microclimates and rich, unadulterated soils of our farms.”

 Qty (lbs)  Price ($/lb) Cost/Serving
 1-10  $15.00  $0.50
 11-99  $14.00  $0.46
100-999  $12.00  $0.40
1000+  $10.00  $0.33
Qty (lbs)  Price ($/lb) Cost/Serving
 1-10  $20.00  $0.66
 11-99  $17.50  $0.58
100-999  $15.00  $0.50
1000+  $12.50  $0.41

*Ships in multiples of 1, 5, or 44 lbs by mail, or 100 lb sacks by freight.*

**Shipping costs not included.**

Wholesale Cascara Syrup

Made with organic cane sugar. Request Sample

Inspired Coffee Merchants has developed a “simple syrup” that is made with real coffee fruit (aka cascara) and organic cane sugar. This syrup makes for a harmonious addition to any brewed coffee. You can also add to sparkling water for a delicious Italian soda, or stir into your favorite cocktails… you’ll be amazed by how versatile this syrup is.

Cascara is sweet, fragrant, and delicious–not to mention packed with a ridiculous amount of antioxidants. They have 8x the antioxidant power of blueberries and more health-giving properties than acai and pomegranate. It’s time for the fruit to join the bean in the spotlight!

Wholesale cascara syrup comes in 3 sizes. Samples available. Recommended mixing ratio is 10g of syrup per 100 mL of beverage. Serving size is 200 mL.

 Size  Price ($/bottle) Cost/Serving
 150 mL  $5.00  $0.27
 375 mL  $7.00  $0.12
 750 mL  $12.00  $0.09

*Minimum order size is 1 case, or 12 bottles.*

**Shipping not included**