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  • Cascara

    Cascara Syrup

    The wait is over. Now you can finally add the precious antioxidants found in coffee to anything you want. Cascara syrup is made with all-natural, organic cane sugar and the same Cascara products we offer elsewhere in this store. The flavor is reminiscent of cherry, tamarind, and maple sugar. It goes perfectly in a latte, a chai, a chai latte, …

  • Sale!

    Mesgana Blend by YA Coffee, 1kg

    At Inspired Coffee Merchants, we don’t just work with coffee farmers, we work with independent coffee roasters too. For us, it’s about enabling small businesses everywhere to achieve their goals for quality, sustainability and community. YA Coffee is our closest producer-roaster in the business, and a premier brand on the specialty coffee scene in Addis Ababa.

    Sourcing direct from smallholder farmers …

  • Cascara

    Cascara Flakes – 1 lb

    Los Congos, Nicaragua, Caturra

    Cascara, meaning “husk” in Spanish, refers to dried coffee cherries. Traditionally, when coffee beans are separated from their cherries, the fruit is discarded or composted. In recent years however, the Cascara has been increasingly set aside and processed as dried fruit to be used in a number of applications. Most notably, the dried fruits are …

  • Coffee

    Stargazer by Brewpoint, 12oz

    At Inspired Coffee Merchants, we don’t just work with coffee farmers, we work with independent coffee roasters too. For us, it’s about enabling the small businesses to achieve their goals for quality, sustainability and community. Brewpoint has long been one of our closest collaborators, and we know you’re going to love their coffee, their mission, and their spirit!


    Price includes 12oz …

  • Coffee

    Wandering Bean Subscription


    The Wandering Bean subscription includes access to the world’s finest and most story-worthy coffees and me as your guide. I’ve been a coffee tourist for as long as I can remember, and I would love to share the fruits of my passion with you. This subscription will be my opportunity to share my favorite coffees as I discover …

  • Coffee

    Green Coffee (Peru) – 250g

    This year we’re offering green and roasted coffee from our favorite Peruvian farm, Finca Tasta.


    Package will include around 250 g of green coffee beans and information about where its from, who grew it, and how it got from farm to you.

  • Coffee

    Tanzania by Iron Coffee Co., 12oz

    This single origin coffee is a special offer just for Inspired Coffee customers. The roaster doesn’t even sell it on their own website!

    This is one of my favorite coffees in the Northeast. Certainly the best in Upstate NY. Iron Coffee Co. is a boutique cafe in a small town (my favorite combination), and you feel the space as soon as …

  • Apparel

    Vershire For Sure T-Shirt

    Inspired Coffee Merchants is headquartered in Vershire, a small rural, Vermont town of about 800 residents (and far more chipmunks!). Vershire is tranquil and fresh, with untouched rivers, trees and of course, waterfalls. It’s a beautiful corner of the world, for sure.

    These shirts include an in-house, retro design on the front, as well as the Inspired logo on the left …

  • Equipment

    Inspired Travel Kit

    You’re better than hotel room coffee. With this travel kit, you can make good coffee anywhere. This is what I use while I’m on the road. It’s a collection of pieces I’ve tested over thousands of miles by plane, train, automobile, bike, foot, and submarine. This kit includes everything you need except the hot water. Even in a pandemic, this …

  • Artisan Goods

    Poor Farm Maple Syrup

    Poor Farm is one of our favorite local syrup makers. Vermont is well-known for it’s Grade A pure maple syrups, so add one to your cart and liven up your breakfasts.

    Pro-tip: Maple Lattes

    Price includes free shipping.

  • Equipment


    The Aeropress is by far my favorite brewing device. For one, it’s the most versatile, durable, packable, droppable, washable, and downright indestructible coffee apparatus out there. I take it with me everywhere.

    It brews coffee through infusion, like a French Press, but finishes it off with a dose of pressure and a paper filter, removing all of the grit and a …

  • Equipment

    Rhino Compact Hand Grinder

    The Rhino Coffee Gear compact hand coffee grinder includes an adapter so you can grind straight into an AeroPress®. This grinder is a great solution for grinding coffee on-the-go – for travel, work or even just at home.

    Some of the features of the Rhino Coffee Gear compact hand grinder include:

    – Compact size – the body fits in an AeroPress®

    – Quality …