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  • Cascara

    Cascara Syrup

    The wait is over. Now you can finally add the precious antioxidants found in coffee to anything you want. Cascara syrup is made with all-natural, organic cane sugar and the same Cascara products we offer elsewhere in this store. The flavor is reminiscent of cherry, tamarind, and maple sugar. It goes perfectly in a latte, a chai, a chai latte, …

  • Cascara

    Cascara Flakes – 1 lb

    Los Congos, Nicaragua, Caturra

    Cascara, meaning “husk” in Spanish, refers to dried coffee cherries. Traditionally, when coffee beans are separated from their cherries, the fruit is discarded or composted. In recent years however, the Cascara has been increasingly set aside and processed as dried fruit to be used in a number of applications. Most notably, the dried fruits are …

  • Cascara , Featured

    Cascara Tea (2-pack)

    Now available in resealable tins!

    Cascara is the most important thing about coffee you’ve never heard of. It’s an opportunity for coffee farmers to take what is otherwise a waste by-product of coffee production and turn it into a marketable superfood. It’s rich in antioxidants and offers a slight buzz of caffeine (less than coffee, more than black tea). It tastes …