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    Poor Farm Maple Syrup

    Poor Farm is one of our favorite local syrup makers. Vermont is well-known for it’s Grade A pure maple syrups, so add one to your cart and liven up your breakfasts.

    Pro-tip: Maple Lattes

    Price includes 16fl oz of pure, Grade A maple syrup in a metal tin or glass bottle.

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    Wandering Bean Subscription


    The Wandering Bean subscription includes access to the world’s finest and most story-worthy coffees and me as your guide. I’ve been a coffee tourist for as long as I can remember, and I would love to share the fruits of my passion with you. This subscription will be my opportunity to share my favorite coffees as I discover …

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    Inspired Travel Kit

    You’re better than hotel room coffee. With this travel kit, you can make good coffee anywhere. This is what I use while I’m on the road. It’s a collection of pieces I’ve tested over thousands of miles by plane, train, automobile, bike, foot, and submarine. This kit includes everything you need except the hot water. Even in a pandemic, this …

  • Cascara , Featured

    Cascara Tea (2-pack)

    Now available in resealable tins!

    Cascara is the most important thing about coffee you’ve never heard of. It’s an opportunity for coffee farmers to take what is otherwise a waste by-product of coffee production and turn it into a marketable superfood. It’s rich in antioxidants and offers a slight buzz of caffeine (less than coffee, more than black tea). It tastes …