Cascara Flakes – 1 lb


Los Congos, Nicaragua, Caturra

Cascara, meaning “husk” in Spanish, refers to dried coffee cherries. Traditionally, when coffee beans are separated from their cherries, the fruit is discarded or composted. In recent years however, the Cascara has been increasingly set aside and processed as dried fruit to be used in a number of applications. Most notably, the dried fruits are used to create a tea-like infusion, or a “tisane”, that has properties of both tea and coffee, but isn’t entirely reminiscent of either.

In flavor, it tastes amazingly like cherry – sweet fruity notes, balanced with some jasmine and tamarind. But the body is heavier than a tea, more like a well-rounded coffee. And the caffeine is somewhere in the middle too – more than black tea, but less than a cup of coffee. An 8oz serving has about the same amount of caffeine as an espresso.

Package comes as 1 lb, and should make around 30-40 servings, at 8 fl oz each.


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Finca Los Congos has a truly inspiring story that portrays their passion for coffee unlike any other. Rina’s father, Jose Rene Paguaga, started his own farm as a teen, growing and expanding until the civil war reached Nicaragua in 1979 and forced him to move his family to Honduras. The Paguagas lost their Nicaraguan farms, but by the time Jose was in his 70s, they were back in Nicaragua on new operations- starting from scratch. Today, three generations of Paguagas are involved in the production of this excellent coffee. Finca Los Congos consistently receives recognition for outstanding quality coffee by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, placing in the top ten of the Cup of Excellence competition multiple years. This farm is located in the San Fernando mountains of the Nueva Segovia region, where much of the mountainous terrain has been left undisturbed.

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