Cascara Tea (2-pack)


Now available in resealable tins!

Cascara is the most important thing about coffee you’ve never heard of. It’s an opportunity for coffee farmers to take what is otherwise a waste by-product of coffee production and turn it into a marketable superfood. It’s rich in antioxidants and offers a slight buzz of caffeine (less than coffee, more than black tea). It tastes sweet, fruity and floral, like a honey, jasmine and tamarind tea.

This offer includes 2 tins of approximately 2.5oz of cascara tea in each, and free shipping.

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What to do with Cascara

Cascara comes from the farm as dried flakes. It’s similar to a loose-leaf tea, and that’s exactly how you’d brew it. I tend to use a French Press. It’s easier to infuse the cascara in hot water because it gives the cascara more surface area compared to a tea ball. A Cascara tea is the best way to take advantage of all the health benefits.

>>> Brewing Recipe: 60g / L and brewed for at least 5 minutes at near-boiling water.

Brewing Cascara Tea