ROK EspressoGC


We’re excited to announce the arrival of the EspressoGC, our long-time favorite in the home coffeemaker segment. There’s nothing more satisfying than pulling the perfect shot with a ROK. It’s a thoroughly hands-on, analog process that puts the craft of coffee at your fingertips. Take a moment and appreciate the art, and then step back and appreciate the kitchen counter-popping design.

Package includes:

  • Single spout portafilter
  • Detachable plastic splitter
  • Spoon + Tamper Combo
  • 10 Year Warranty on Metal Parts

Price includes shipping.



EspressoGC: Manual Espresso Machine

ROK presents the EspressoGC, an updated version of their innovative and intuitive manual espresso maker. With over 20 years in the espresso game, ROK designed a light, simple, and effective espresso maker; upgraded with new parts, such as the pressure chamber with improved insulation and a piston gasket for high pressure brewing, the EspressoGC is ROK’s dedicated effort to take an already unique product and make it even better for espresso lovers everywhere.

  • Upgraded piston gasket produces better pressure than original ROK
  • Lightweight and Portable at 3.5 lbs and 11.5 inches tall
  • Extract crema-rich espresso easily by squeezing the GC’s two arms down

About ROK

Born from a vision to go back to the routes of espresso making; creating the best espresso using the power of your hands. Originally hitting the market in 2004 as the Presso, it became the ROK in 2012. Now 50,000 users later it’s completely re-tooled and better than ever.

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