Inspired Travel Kit


You’re better than hotel room coffee. With this travel kit, you can make good coffee anywhere. This is what I use while I’m on the road. It’s a collection of pieces I’ve tested over thousands of miles by plane, train, automobile, bike, foot, and submarine. This kit includes everything you need except the hot water. Even in a pandemic, this kit is great for hikes and long drives, especially if you have access to a camp stove or fire pit to boil water.

It’s the perfect balance of durability, lightweight and compact awesomeness, including a few hand-crafted modifications I’ve made just for you. Altogether it weighs approximately one pound (~450g), and only takes up as much space as a water bottle, and includes a free gift tote that was handmade in Guatemala.

Buy one for yourself or someone special!

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The Inspired Coffee Travel Kit includes:

  • An Aeropress coffee maker, 350 paper filters, and a custom made velcro strap to bind it together
  • Rhino compact hand grinder and with custom grip tape for increased torque
  • A handmade Guatamalan tote sac to carry your travel kit wherever your feet take you
  • A pre-selected coffee that will taste amazing in the Aeropress (Tanzania Single Origin by Iron Coffee Co.)